Latest Upload To Spanking Tube

Check out our latest upload to, another clip from our new video entitled ‘Cheating The System’ featuring Jadie Reece , Andi Switch and Miss Lina

New Video On Spanked Cheeks

New video added to Spanked Cheeks entitled ‘Offering Extras’ featuring Orsi. Lap dancer and stripper Orsi was informed when she took the job about the clubs strict policy against offering extras to customer but she has chosen to break the rules and now she must pay the price. She receives a good hard over […]

New Photo Set

A few pictures from a new photo set just added to Spanked Cheeks entitled ‘A Spanking For Miss Lina’


Spanking Library Store

Clips from videos available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘You Were Warned’, ‘Unacceptable Behaviour’, & ‘Teacher Punished’ You Were Warned – Leia is punished by her auntie for staying out late during the week instead of studying for her exams.

Unacceptable Behaviour – Jade is punished by headmistress and teacher after being caught of […]