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After nearly twenty years we decided to call it a day and our Spanked Cheeks website closed on 31st July 2022. Over the next few months, we will be adding all our videos to our Spanking Library Store.  As of today, there are over 239 high quality spanking videos available for individual download. All titles are exclusive to this store.

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Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Sales Incentive’ featuring Jenna Jay & Miss Lina

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Sales Incentives – Lina is unhappy with Jenna’s sales figures and general attitude.  The best way to remedy the situation is

incentivize Jenna with corporal punishment.  Lina enlists the help of co-worker Andy to administer a good beating that she

won’t forget in a hurry.  They start by taking turns to put Jenna over their knee for bare bottom spanking.  They then have

Jenna bending over the desk with her already sore bottom perfectly presented for further chastisement with

various leather straps and paddles to drive the message home.

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Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Punished Assistant’ featuring Clara Matthews & Miss Lina

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Punished Assistant – Miss Lina is really annoyed with her assistant Clara because of her poor performance including double booking

customers and turning up late for work and decides that there is only one way to deal with the situation and that is by giving

her a taste of what she dishes out to her clients.  An over the knee bare bottom spanking is just a taste of what is to come.  Clara

then has to kneel on the sofa with her bare bottom presented to receive a good strapping before bending over for a

very painful twenty-four strokes of the cane.

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Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Maintaining Standards’ featuring Dani Hunt & Miss Lina

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Maintaining Standards – Lina comes into work on her day off and finds the office empty and the phone ring non-stop and her secretary

and personal assistant Dani nowhere to be seen.  When Dani does arrive, she is full of excuses that Lina does not believe for one minute

and it is not long before Dani is over Lina’s knee for another humiliating bare bottom spanking. Lina then puts two chairs back-to-back

so that Dani can lie over the back of them with her bottom correctly presented to receive a good thrashing with various leather straps

and paddles until she is promising to improve her standards.  Just to make sure Lina has her stand with her hands on her head to

receive another spanking to really drive the message home.

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Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Spanking Her Lover’ featuring Chis Summers & Zoe Page

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Spanking Her Lover – Zoe comes home to find her partner Chris relaxing in the bath with none of the chores that she asked her to do

having been completed. This leaves Zoe with little choice but to punish her in the usual way. Having removed her dress so that it

doesn’t get creased she orders her naked lover to get over her knee for a good spanking. The spanking continues with Chris leaning

up against the wardrobe until Zoe is satisfied Chris’s bottom is red enough for the paddle and strap which she administers with Chris

leaning up against the wall. Once the punishment is completed, they kiss and make up.

spanking women spanked