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After nearly twenty years we decided to call it a day and our Spanked Cheeks website closed on 31st July 2022. Over the next few months, we will be adding all our videos to our Spanking Library Store.  As of today, there are over 239 high quality spanking videos available for individual download. All titles are exclusive to this store.

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Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Reform School (Part 2)’ featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Miss Lina

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Reform School (Part 2) – Amelia has been sentenced to a stay at reform school for various offences. On arrival she is given a set of

rules and a taste of corporal punishment by the correction administrator to show her what happens when you break them. Two

days later and she is in trouble for obscene graffiti on the walls of her room which requires further and much more severe

punishment. An over the knee bare bottom spanking is followed by a good paddling whilst bent over the back of a chair. The

punishment is finished off with a severe strapping whilst touching her toes which soon has Amelia promising to behave herself.

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Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Never Again’ featuring Lucy Lauren

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Never Again – Lucy’s partner is fuming when he has to pick her up from the station after being arrested for disorderly behaviour and

for assault during a night out with friends. As soon as they get home, he questions her about what happened and despite her repeated

complaints about having a hangover he decides that the evenings events cannot go unpunished. He puts her over his knee for a good

spanking and quickly finds out that she is not wearing any panties as she somehow managed to lose them during the evening which

only adds to his anger. Despite a good hard spanking which leaves her bottom bright red Lucy is still not learning her lesson so she

is bent over the table then the chair for further punishment with various leather straps and paddles until she is promising to be a

good girl in the future. As soon as the punishment is over, he takes her to the bedroom so she can make it up to him.

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Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Motivational Measures’ featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford

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Motivational Measures – Amelia is in trouble with her boss because of her consistently poor sales figures and is given the choice

of leaving the company or taking part in a motivational program with the use of corporal punishment which will hopefully lead

to an improvement in her performance. She reluctantly agrees and soon finds herself over her boss’s knee for an embarrassing

bare bottom spanking. After the spanking she has to lean up against the office wall for a good thrashing with various

leather straps and paddles which has her sinking to her knees on a couple of occasions but has the desired effect of

driving home the message that her poor performance is not acceptable.

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Available at our Spanking Library Store‘English Lessons’ featuring Orsi & Miss Lina

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English Lessons – Orsi has recently arrived in the country from Hungary and her English is not as good as she would like it so she joins

Lina’s English language school. However, her efforts and attitude are not to Lina’s liking especially as she has not done her homework

that was set the previous week.  Lina is prepared to give her a second chance but only if she accepts some good old fashioned

discipline help improve her commitment to learning.  Orsi is soon over Lina’s knee for a bare bottom spanking before being

stripped naked for further punishment with strap and paddle.

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