Latest Uploads To Spanking Tube

Check out our latest uploads to, a clip from new video ‘Taking The Car’ and another clip from the video ‘The Investigators’ featuring Orsi & Lola-Marie

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New Video On Spanked Cheeks

spanking women spanked

New video added to Spanked Cheeks entitled ‘Taking The Car’ featuring the lovely Orsi. Au-pair Orsi is in trouble with her employer for borrowing the family car without asking permission. Orsi knows the rules of the house and that she will pay the price with a very sore bottom. A humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking is just the start. She then has to strip naked for further punishment with a couple of leather paddles whilst bending over the table. Finally she has to touch her toes for a particularly painful eighteen stroke caning to really teach her a valuable lesson.

New Photo Set On Spanked Cheeks

A few pictures from new 76 image photo set just added to Spanked Cheeks of the video

‘A Drug Problem’ featuring Orsi.

spanking women spanked spanking women spanked spanking women spanked spanking women spanked

Spanking Library Store

Clips from latest additions to our Spanking Library Store, ‘A Good Workout’, ‘Given A Choice’, ‘Witness To A Spanking’ & Mother And Daughter Punished.

spanking women spanked

A Good Workout – Personal trainer Lina has her own way of dealing with clients who show a lack of effort during

workout sessions as Jenna soon finds out.

spanking women spanked

Given A Choice – Denise has been found guilty of a number of motoring offenses and is given a choice of a driving ban

and heavy fine or corporal punishment.

spanking women spanked

Witness To A Spanking – Hotel maid is punished by manageress in front of the guest she has stolen from rather than

being reported to the authorities

spanking women spanked

Mother And Daughter Punished -Mother is held jointly responsible for her daughter’s bad behaviour and both receive

humiliating bare bottom spankings from the headmistress before being strapped and paddled.