Latest Uploads To Spanking Tube

Check out our latest uploads to, further clips from our new videos entitled ‘Sanctioned Punishment’ featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Zoe Page and ‘What Have You Done’ featuring Chloe & Chris Summers


New Photo Set On Spanked Cheeks

A few pictures from a new 69 image photo set added to Spanked Cheeks taken from ‘Sanctioned Punishment’


New Video On Spanked Cheeks

New video added to Spanked Cheeks entitled ‘Not Another Spanking’ featuring Katja and Miss Lina. Katja has been caught looking at porn again having borrowed her auntie Lina’s lap top as her own was confiscated a few days earlier for the same offence. This time auntie Lina is really going to teach her a […]