Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Teachers Lesson’ featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Miss Lina

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

Teachers Lesson – School teacher Amelia Jane Rutherford is in trouble with the headmistress because she has been spanking some

of the girls in her class without authorisation. Some of the parents have complained to the headmistress and Amelia is given the

choice of a disciplinary hearing with the school board or a taste of her own medicine.  Amelia chooses the later and is ordered

to remove her dress and panties before placing herself over the knee of the headmistress for a very humiliating bare bottom

spanking. The punishment continues with Amelia bent over the desk for a good strapping and paddling to drive the message

home.  With the punishment over Amelia is allowed to get up from the desk but instead of apologizing for her behaviour she gives

the headmistress attitude which earns her another trip over the headmistress’s knee after which Amelia is apologetic and contrite.

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

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