Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Late Payment’ featuring Orsi & Miss Lina

spanking women spanked

Late Payment – Lina is really annoyed when one of her tenants Orsi doesn’t have the money to pay the rent yet again so she goes round

to see her with her minder in tow. Lina is not taken in by Orsi’s feeble excuses and quickly decides that a short sharp shock is needed

to change her attitude. Orsi has little choice other than to be evicted her so quickly finds herself naked and over Lina’s knee for a

humiliating bare bottom spanking. Lina doesn’t think her spanking is making the impression she wants so has her minder take

over. He proceeds to give Orsi a good hard spanking that she will remember for a while. Not satisfied that Orsi has learnt her

lesson Lina retrieves a number of implements from her briefcase and she and her minder take to turns to thrash her bottom whilst

she is leaning up against the wall. By the end of the punishment Orsi’s is promising to get the rent paid as soon as possible.

spanking women spanked

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