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New video added to Spanked Cheeks entitled ‘Unreliable Model’ featuring Chloe and Chris Summers. Chloe is in trouble with model agency owner Chris for turning up late for shoots, not replying to e-mails or returning calls. Chris decides that Chloe needs to be taught a lesson and tells her that if she wants to keep working for her agency she will have to agree to receive corporal punishment. Reluctantly Chloe agrees and soon finds herself over Chris’s knee for a humiliating bare bottom spanking before having to kneel on the settee to receive further punishment with leather straps and paddle to her already sore bottom to really drive the message home.

spanking women spanked

Available At Our Spanking Library Store

Two videos available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Collecting The Interest’ and
‘My House, My Rules’ featuring Chris Summers, Leia Anne Woods & Red

spanking women spanked

Collecting The Interest – Chris Summers has borrowed a large sum of money from a friend with the proviso that if she was unable to pay

the full amount each month then she would have her bottom spanked as an interest payment. As this the first time she has been short

with money she thought she might be let off but her hopes are soon dashed and she finds herself over the knee for a humiliating bare

bottom spanking including having the back of her thighs smacked because of her attitude. The punishment continues with a good

paddlingand strapping until her bottom is red raw and the interest paid.

spanking women spanked spanking women spanked

My House, My Rules – Having been caught with her boyfriend in her room instead of doing her homework Leia is disciplined by

her auntie with a good over the knee bare bottom spanking followed by the strap and paddle to teach her to obey the rules.

spanking women spanked

Latest Uploads To Spanking Tube

Check out our latest upload to, another clip from our new video entitled ‘Motivational Measures’
featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford

spanking women spanked

New Photo Set On Spanked Cheeks

A few pictures from a new 101 image photo set added to Spanked Cheeks taken from ‘Tough Love’

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