Available at our Spanking Library Store‘It’s Not Fair’ featuring Lucy Lauren & Miss Lina


It’s Not Fair – Au pair Lucy Lauren is in trouble yet again despite recently receiving a good spanking from Lina’s husband because of

the way she dresses and her poor attitude to work. Her dress sense has not improved and her work ethic has got worse culminating

in her forgetting to pick the kids up from school because she was having her nails done.  This time she has to face the anger of Lina

as well as her husband and she soon finds herself over Lina’s knee for a bare bottom spanking before going over her husband knee

yet again for further chastisement. After the spanking Lina goes to the bedroom to collect the implements whilst her husband

prepares Lucy by removing her dress and returns just in time to catch her slapping her husband’s face.  Lucy is then made to kneel

on the settee with her already sore bottom properly presented further chastisement with various leather straps to really teach her

a lesson.  The punishment is finished off with Lina holding her hands whilst her husband administers another hard spanking

much to Lina’s satisfaction judging by the smile on her face.


Available at our Spanking Library Store‘In A Good Mood’ featuring Lucy Lauren

‘In A Good Mood’ – Lucy’s husband is in a good mood when she arrives home from a day out with one of her friends. But that good

mood quickly dissipates when she tells him that she took his car without permission and to make matters worse she was involved

in an accident which has caused several hundred pounds worth of damage. Despite her protestations Lucy soon finds herself over

his knee for a humiliating bare bottom spanking which is long and hard. During the spanking Lucy’s couldn’t care attitude quickly

convinces him that sterner measures are called for and orders her to kneel on the settee whilst he get some implements from his

office.  When he returns he sets about teaching her a lesson she will never forget with various paddles and a leather strap

which eventually has her promising to be a good girl in the future.

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Reform School (Part 3)’ featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Miss Lina

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

Reform School (Part 3) – Amelia has been sentenced to a stay at reform school for various offences. After a few weeks of good behaviour

Amelia is in trouble again but this time it is much more serious as she has lost her temper and assaulted a member of staff and will be

severely punished for it. She is ordered to strip naked by the correction administrator to receive a good thrashing with heavy leather

paddle and strap whilst leaning up against the wall looking at the various instruments of punishment. Finally, when her bottom is

suitably sore enough, she is ordered to bend over and touch her toes for a very painful caning to really teach her a lesson.

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Here We Are Again’ featuring Melanie Graham & Miss Lina


Here We Are Again – Lina has lost patience with troublesome tenant Melanie and decides to teach her a lesson she won’t forget in a

hurry.  Lina gives Melanie a chance to explain why she is behind with the rent yet again but after hearing the same tired excuses the

minder grabs Melanie and holds her in position whilst Lina pulls her jeans and panties down ready for punishment.  Melanie is then

subjected to a long hard humiliating bare bottom spanking from both of them before being bent over a kitchen stool for further

chastisement with various implements that Lina has brought with her.  The punishment continues until Lina is satisfied that Melanie

has learnt her lesson and that she understands what is required of her if she is going to continue living in one of Lina’s properties.