Available at our Spanking Library Store‘Maintaining Standards’ featuring Dani Hunt & Miss Lina

spanking spanked

Maintaining Standards – Lina comes into work on her day off and finds the office empty and the phone ring non-stop and her secretary

and personal assistant Dani nowhere to be seen.  When Dani does arrive, she is full of excuses that Lina does not believe for one minute

and it is not long before Dani is over Lina’s knee for another humiliating bare bottom spanking. Lina then puts two chairs back-to-back

so that Dani can lie over the back of them with her bottom correctly presented to receive a good thrashing with various leather straps

and paddles until she is promising to improve her standards.  Just to make sure Lina has her stand with her hands on her head to

receive another spanking to really drive the message home.

spanking spanked

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