Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘No Problem Then’ featuring Melanie Graham

No Problem Then – Melanie’s partner is in a bad mood because he has spent the day sorting out the computer after she downloaded

a virus due to her carless behaviour.  He is even more annoyed by her arrogant attitude when she arrives home because she is not

even sorry for causing the problem in the first place and just expects him to fix it.  He finally decides that enough is enough and that

she needs to be taught a lesson. It is not long before she is over his knee for a long hard bare bottom spanking.  Despite the spanking

she is still not showing enough contrition so he puts two chairs back to back for her to bend over with her red and sore bottom nicely

presented for further punishment with various leather straps and paddles to really teach her a lesson.  He only stops when he is

satisfied that she is truly sorry for her behaviour and his anger has been assuaged.

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