Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Causing Friction’ featuring Lucy Lauren

Causing Friction – Au pair Lucy Lauren is in trouble with Lina and her husband because of the way she dresses and her poor attitude

to work.  Lina asks her husband to deal with the situation so he has a chat with Lucy about these issues and that they will have to let

her go if she doesn’t change her attitude and dress sense.  Lucy says she can’t afford to lose her job and she will try and change but

accuses him of being under his wife thumb and goads him about this to the point where he has no option but to teach her a lesson

she won’t forget in hurry.  He puts Lucy over his knee and delivers a long hard and humiliating bare bottom spanking before stripping

her naked and putting her on the settee for further chastisement with various leather straps and paddles.  The punishment continues

until his anger has been assuaged and Lucy has learnt who really is in charge in this house.

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