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Clips from videos available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Stripper Punished (Part 2)’, ‘Benefit Investigators – (Case No 2)’,

‘Benefit Investigators – (Case No 3)’ & ‘It Wasn’t Me’

spanking women spanked

Stripper Punished (Part 2) – Stripper Chris Summers is in trouble again because of her attitude and is

soundly punished with hand, strap and cane.

spanking women spanked

Benefit Investigators – (Case No 2) – Local hotel maid Jade is punished for claiming benefits

whilst working and receives an on the spot punishment.

spanking women spanked

Benefit Investigators – (Case No 3) – Claims investigators have to deal with another hotel maid

who has been caught claiming benefits whilst working.

spanking women spanked

It Wasn’t Me – Hotel maid Chris Summers is punished for stealing with a bare bottom

spanking and a good strapping and paddling.





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