Now Available At Our Spanking Library Store

Now available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘The Credit Card’ featuring Lola-Marie

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

The Credit Card – Lola-Marie is in big trouble when her partner finds out that she has obtained a new credit card behind his back

and to make matters worse has run up a large bill on clothes and shoes. Her partner wastes no time and soon has her over his knee

for a well-deserved hard bare bottom spanking. Despite the painful spanking Lola-Marie is still showing a cocky and defiant attitude

so her partner has her get on all fours over the back of the chairs for a good strapping and paddling to really teach her a lesson.

During this part of the punishment Lola-Marie’s loud mouth behaviour results in her partner removing her white panties from her

ankles and shoving them in her mouth to keep her quiet. Eventually the panties are removed so that she can apologise before

taking her partner to the bedroom to show him how sorry she is.

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

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