Now Available At Our Spanking Library Store

Now Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Punishment After Hours’

featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Zoe Page

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

Punishment After Hours – Amelia is in big trouble after taking money from the petty cash without permission and rather than leaving

the company she has agreed to accept corporal punishment. After work she has to prepare herself by removing her skirt and knickers

before standing against the wall with hands on her head and bare bottom on display waiting for her boss Zoe to arrive to administer

the punishment. She doesn’t have to wait long and soon finds herself over Zoe’s knee for a humiliating bare bottom spanking which

her boss thoroughly enjoys administering. Worse is to follow when she is ordered to lean up against the wall to be soundly thrashed

with various leather paddles and straps until Zoe is satisfied that she has learnt her lesson.

spanking spanking spanked cheeks

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