New Video On Spanked Cheeks

spanking women spanked

New video just added to Spanked Cheeks entitled ‘Late Payment’ featuring Orsi and Miss Lina.  Lina is fed up with one of her tenants who is always late with the rent and decides to pay her a visit with her minder in tow to teach her a lesson.  Unable to pay the rent yet again Orsi is given a choice of being evicted or punished.  She chooses the later and is quickly stripped naked before going over Lina’s knee for a spanking.  Having little effect Lina gets her minder to take over to administer a blistering hand spanking that soon has Orsi wriggling and squirming.  To reinforce the message a good hard strapping and paddling is administered by both Lina and her minder which leaves Orsi’s twitching bottom very red, sore and bruised.

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