New Video On Spanked Cheeks

spanking women spanked

New video added to Spanked Cheeks entitled ‘Sneaking Out’ featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Miss Lina. Lina is really angry when she wakes up and realises that her partner Amelia is not in bed with her but has sneaked out to go to the local night club without her.  Amelia was hoping that she could sneak back in without Lina noticing but to her surprise Lina is waiting for her in the hallway armed with leather paddles and straps to teacher her a lesson as soon as she returns in morning. A brief argument ensues before Amelia is ordered to bend over with dress up and knickers down for a good spanking.  After the spanking Amelia is stripped naked for further punishment with various straps and paddles until Lina is satisfied that Amelia has learnt her lesson.

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