Latest Uploads To Spankingtube

Check out our latest uploads to, clips from videos entitled ‘Correction Administrator (Case 3)’ & ‘Miss Lina’s Personal Assistant’ both videos starring Leia Anne Woods and Miss Lina.

Correction Administrator (Case 3) – Leia is caught shoplifting and is sent by the authorities to the Correction Administrator to receive a good beating with hand, paddle and strap to teach her the error of her ways. To make matters worse the punishment is administered while completely naked.

Miss Lina’s Personal Assistant – Lina is fuming when her personal assistant has her booked in for two important meetings at the same time. As far as Lina is concerned there is only one way to deal with a situation like this and that’s to discipline her personal assistant by means of corporal punishment. A bare bottom over the knee spanking is just the warm up to a good hard paddling and strapping and a severe caning.

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