Available At Our Spanking Library Store

Available at our Spanking Library Store, ‘Mother And Daughter Punished’

featuring Chris Summers, Jenna Jay & Miss Lina

spanking www.spankedcheeks.com women spankedMother And Daughter Punished – Jenna and her mother have a meeting with the headmistress about her poor attendance and attitude

to school. During the meeting the headmistress tells them that Jenna is on the brink of being expelled and that she holds her mother

jointly responsible for her daughter’s bad behaviour. She also tells them that she is prepared to give Jenna a second chance but only if

they both agree be spanked. Not wanting her daughter to be expelled Jenna’s mother reluctantly agrees to them both being punished

and they are led to another room for the punishment to be administered. They are both given a humiliating over the knee bare

bottom spanking before taking turns to be strapped and paddled on their already sore bottoms whilst bent over the back of a chair.
spanking www.spankedcheeks.com women spanked



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