Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘It’s Not Funny’ featuring Lucy Lauren

It’s Not Funny – Lucy’s partner is fed with her drinking especially after she is arrested for being drunk and disorderly and biting a

police officer.  After collecting her from the station he tries to have a sensibly discussion with her about her drinking, but she starts

laughing when he mentions the biting at which point, he decides he’s had enough and pulls her over his knee for a good spanking.

  He then strips her down to her panties and puts her up against the wall for a paddling.  During the paddling he decides he’s had

enough of her moaning so take her panties off and shoves them in her mouth during which Lucy bites him.  Further

chastisement ensues with Lucy lying over a bedside cabinet for a hard strapping before being made to kneel on

the cabinet for a paddling to finish off the punishment.

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