Now available at our Spanking Library Store‘Had A Good Day’ featuring Lucy Lauren

Had A Good Day – Lucy’s partner is furious when he gets home to find the house in a mess and that dinner has not been prepared all

because she has yet again spent all day at the stables horse riding.  As soon as she arrives home, he tells her that he has had enough

of her behaving like a spoilt brat and that she needs to change her ways.  Lucy’s petulant reaction is the final straw and he quickly

puts her over his knee for a spanking on her jodhpurs before pulling them down along with her panties for a long hard bare bottom

spanking.  During the spanking Lucy is still defiant and refusing to change her behaviour so he moves her over the settee for further

punishment with various leather paddles and straps that he purchased recently for just such a situation.  The punishment is finished

off by making her lay flat on the floor with his foot on her back to keep her in position while he gives her a good strapping until

his anger has been assuaged and she is promising to be a good girl in the future.

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